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Information About Courses

General Information

IATP distance learning courses – are professional development courses on topics most popular among IATP participants: application of new information technologies in professional activities, modern communications and communication psychology. Such courses do not offer students in-class instructional sessions. All communications are carried out via virtual environment – Internet and specialized DL platform, and interactions are mainly non-synchronic via e-mail and web-forums (real-time chat sessions are uncommon).

Student groups usually include 15-20 learners. A course instructor, who is, in most cases, an author of the course, provides the timely support of learners and grade their control assignments. Courses differ in length; however, most of them last from 4 to 12 weeks (not more than 72 academic hours). All of the courses are provided in Russian.

  • Title: Professional Development Through e-Learning
    Date: April, 22nd
    Language: English
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Terms and Conditions

In 2004/ 2005 academic year DL courses are suggested on a free basis to the target groups of alumni of exchange programs, conducted and financed by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State (ECA). Alumni could take any of existing IATP DL courses, and they are provided with a free and open access for the Internet from the IATP centers.

DL Platform

IATP utilizes the VLE platform for most of its DL courses. The VLE v.3.0 (Virtual Learning Environment) was developed by the World Bank Institute in 2000 and distributed in Russia by the Institute of the Information Society. The VLE format includes a set of introductory materials and recommendations for learners, structured learning modules with text and graphics, and interactive tools to support communication among learners as discussion forums, chat-rooms, bulletin boards and internal webmail.


After successful completion of the course graduates receive certificates of IATP Program. In some courses, organized in partnership with IATP partners, graduates receive certificates of both partner organizations.

List of Courses

Effective Use of Search Systems

Business Graphics

Sociology and Psychology of Mass Communication

Self-organization as a Key to Success

Internet Advertising

PR - Communication Management

Internet for Research and Science

Management of Projects and Investments


Project Management Tools

Internet Videoconferences

Internet for Librarians

Basics of e-Business


Written English

NEW Self-guided Course for e-Teachers

NEW Self-guided Course for e-Learners

NEW e-Signature

NEW Fundraising and Promotion of Grant Projects

NEW Modern Business Cultures

NEW e-Encyclopedia Training

NEW Active Methods of Teaching Adults

NEW Development of Professional Online Community

NEW Intercultural Education in Human Rights Subjects

NEW Journalism and Information and Analytical Work on the Internet

NEW Basics of Computer Security

NEW Psychological Aspects of Man and Computer Interaction

NEW Introduction to Web-design

NEW Modern Media Service

NEW Grant Writing and Development of Non-profit projects (for People with Disabilities)

NEW Intellectual Property Rights

NEW Qualitative Methods of Analysis

Applications and Registration

Application for participation in the distance learning courses offered by the Internet Access and Training Program.

You may view the list of courses and submit an application to participate in the distance learning program.

Applicants should be citizens of Russian Federation and should stay in their home country when taking a course. Alumni of exchange programs have the first priority when subscribing to DL courses.

Access to DL courses

Access for instructors  
Access for students  


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About IATP

Overview of IATP Tasks

  • Enhance non-commercial access to and use of the Internet
  • Expand the existing IATP network to include 80 Internet Centers by May 2002
  • Provide technical support and upgrades to existing IATP Centers
  • Provide financial support for educational projects at IATP centers
  • Supply training materials in electronic form and hardcopy for use at IATP Centers
  • Target alumni of ECA-sponsored programs and educators for special, intensive training programs
  • Maintain a comprehensive website at http://www.iatp.ru

The program unites a commnity of interested professionals and experts around the IATP sites. In this way, IATP facilitates the transfer of knowledge to site users and supports local network initiatives  Подробнее >>>

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