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List of Courses

Effective Use of Search Systems

Business Graphics

Sociology and Psychology of Mass Communication

Self-organization as a Key to Success

Internet Advertising

PR - Communication Management

Internet for Research and Science

Management of Projects and Investments


Project Management Tools

Internet Videoconferences

Internet for Librarians

Basics of e-Business


Written English

NEW Self-guided Course for e-Teachers

NEW Self-guided Course for e-Learners

NEW e-Signature

NEW Fundraising and Promotion of Grant Projects

NEW Modern Business Cultures

NEW e-Encyclopedia Training

NEW Active Methods of Teaching Adults

NEW Development of Professional Online Community

NEW Intercultural Education in Human Rights Subjects

NEW Journalism and Information and Analytical Work on the Internet

NEW Basics of Computer Security

NEW Psychological Aspects of Man and Computer Interaction

NEW Introduction to Web-design

NEW Modern Media Service

NEW Grant Writing and Development of Non-profit projects (for People with Disabilities)

NEW Intellectual Property Rights

NEW Qualitative Methods of Analysis

Development of Professional Online Community

Author: Dr. Evgeniy D. Patarakin, Institute of Programming Systems, Russian Academy of Sciences, Pereslavl-Zalessky

Course outline: The objective of this course is to acquire necessary skills and knowledge to build effective online professional communities. The course includes such topics as: the general understanding of the notion “community” and “online community”, specific features of online communities, modeling of network communities, and application of various community tools and instruments of communication like e-mail, forums, chats, multi-user worlds, etc. Also students will learn the basics of using such social software tools like net blogs and WikiWiki, as well as technologies of building the multi-user hypertext.

Duration: 8 weeks

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